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Oct 26, 2008
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I realize this picture is a bad representation of what I am looking at. But this is only hours after pitching the starter. Should I treat this foam, cap, whatever the same as a cap produced with fruit particles.?

This is mosquito pee, recipe follows. This is about a quarter inch cap. Should I push this down during the primary ferment? I don't want it to get "funky".

Less than 4 hours of pitching the starter this sheet is going crazy. Guess I wont have any problem here. USE A STARTER.

43 oz Lemon juice
2 1/2 gallons water
8# sugar, dissolved of course
1 TBLS Pectin Enzyme
1 12 oz can(undiluted DOLE Orange Peach Mango

Stirred the snot out of it.

Allowed to sit 12 hours.

Added 3/4 of 1/4 tsp K meta
3/4 tsp yeast energizer
1/4 tsp Tannin

Allowed to sit 12 hours

When I mixed the initial must, I took one can of frozen orange juice and added three cans water, from this I took 8 oz of mixed juice and 2 tbls of sugar(didn't have nutrient..yet) and heated it to 100 degreesF and pitched one sachet of Cuvee.

I stirred the renmaining OJ into the pee.

After 15 minutes I poured the OJ starter into a 2 liter soda bottle and added 1 cup of the pee.

I continued to build the starter for about 24 hours.

I added 1/2 tsp of Wyeast Nutrient, stirred it like crazy and added the starter.

Less than 4 hours later it is fermenting like mad

Should I stir in this cap created by the must? Or just leave it alone for now? The original Pee recipe asks you to stir the must, actually whip it, a couple times during the initial primary to introduce oxegen.

Man.. this stuff is going realy good. Anyone who doesn't make a starter is just silly, this isn,t a great picture, but heres the proof.

Sorry this isn't a great picture but I know you can see what I am looking at.



airlock 004.jpg
Starting SG 1.105 at 75F. I know it's high, but thats what I was aiming for on this. Wow, talk about a crazy ferment!!! I only added the juice to the primary because it was hiding in the freezer, the rest of the OJ from the strter mix was added only because I hate OJ. But I have a monster here. I am worried about this cap, please advise.
I concur. Make sure what you are using is sanitized.
lemon wine has a similar cap.. just stir it daily as per usual for a primary ferment Troy.

Yeah i am going to go ahead and stir it in. Probably created from the pulp in the juice I added. Allie this is going like mad, proves the benefits of using a starter. I can here it fizzing across the room!! Yeah!!

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