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Apr 29, 2010
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I would like to get the most out of the Vintners Reserve Merlot I just bought.
Should I proceed as the instructions say or try some alternatives you experts know about? I saw mention of raisins. Is this a good way to improve the kit?
What kind of raisins? how many? What kind of grapes are raisins from?
Thanks for the Hep:h
Add 2# of Sunmaid raisins in the primary. I get the 2 pak from Sams Club.
Can you use the 2 grape skins on all reds or just Cab & Merlot
You could use them on just about anything with the exception of a few like Pinot Noir or Malbec. They and a few others really wont be a good match for those. Its kind of like topping up a win e, it doesnt have to be the same but should be like in other words a strong skin for a strong wine.
is this a low end kit?

I've added both raisins and bananas to merlot/ pinot in the past.. it does improve things dramatically.

It will add some time just like upping the abv with sugar will. The higher the abv the longer it needs to smooth out.
Yes it wil. Its a trade off.. better wine... longer to bottle

Is this longer in the secondary before bottling or longer in the bottle before drinking, or can it be either?