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Feb 21, 2009
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I'm going to be traveling home to the West Coast and I wanted to ship some of my wine back. I was wondering if anyone has done this and if so what were any issues. The UPS and FEDEX site said they can but only to licensees and I'm not sure if that's only for commercial wineries.

I've searched the threads and did not see anything pertaining to shipping wine.

Here's an idea. Label the box as containing "fermented grape juice" and perhaps then they'll ship it? :p
It is illegal to ship alc anywhere and thats why I ship out marinades, jams, and jellies! :) Just shipped out 2 boxes today. I only use UPS as using the Postal servce makes it a federal offense and they would be more likely to prosecute. I have shipped out over 50 boxes, just pack them very well with stuff to protect all sides and top and bottom and make them tight so there is no movement!
So what you're saying is that shipping out alc is pretty much a don't ask don't tell and take my chances. Pack it tight and hope for the best because it's only marinade and jelly...which if broken I will say has gone terribly terribly bad.

Ok I'll do a few 'test' runs to a friend back home.
I would wrap the bottles in bubble wrap and surround them with shipping peanuts. I'm not sure what your shipping but thats how I would do it.
I do wrap them well and use peanuts if I have them or lots of cardboard and paper.
Ooopps. Didn't know I was a criminal. Have used the post office a couple of times. Ignorance is bliss. After wrapping in bubble wrap, I used some rigid foam packing material from some other products and took a knife and carved cavities that would fit my bottles. I figured that no penatrating impact would get through to the bottles.
I don't want to go to jail for a few lousy bottles of iffy wine!:D

I have two boxes with styrofoam inserts that my wine shipments came in. So I'm going to use those and pack it a little more with bubble wrap I've saved.

I feel like a bootlegger.

Thanks for the link Wade. Man, if i ship my wine in those it'll look so, so, commercial. I figure I'll be sending them back to myself empty or not.:p

I'm feeling less nervous but I won't be completely relieved until I have successfully gotten these bottles home and opened with friends.

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