sg of Juice I just got was 1.0. Do I add sugar/yeast?

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I just got some juices and the chardonay juice had a starting sg of 1.0 - the others were at the correct level of 1.9.

Per the directions, I added some sugar to try to get the sg up, but I realized that I'm going to need a lot more sugar as I only got the sg up to 1.1.

Should I add yeast and follow the directions as if the sg was at 1.7?
Look again at the hydrometer. Did you mean to say 1.07 and 1.01? As a general rule of thumb you should use 2#'s sugar to the gallon of must which would give you an SG of 1.090+/-. This will put the finished wine in the 12% alc. vicinity.
sg is specified as 3 decimal places, eg 1.090, 1.088, 1.060, 0.994. It generally ranges from .990 (totally dry), to 1.090 (normal unfermented), to 1.120 (high test unfermented).

The diff between 1.0 (ie 1.000) and 1.9 (ie 1.900) is tremendous.

Yes, it's at 1.01 now after having added some sugar. Should I add the normal yeast? It seems like it already went through fermentation.
1.01 is still way to low to start fermentation. Depending on how much alcohol you want in the wine you need to get the SG up. 17oz of table sugar (try and use cain sugar) added to 5 gallons of must will raise the SG by.010
EX: if your SG is 1.050 and you want it to be 1.100 you must add about 5 lbs of sugar to get to 1.100. If you use corn sugar (dextrose) you must add 20% more sugar.

Usually we start racking the wine into secondary fermentation when it hits 1.010 SG.

Hope that helps a little.

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