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Jul 9, 2010
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I'm relatively new to wine making. On my 5th Winexpert kit.
2 questions:
The primary temperature was too high. It started at 75 degrees and went up to almost 79. I applied cold towels and a fan and slowly brought it down and reached 73 on the fourth day, and the SG went to 1.000. I racked it into the secondary on the 4th day, and have moved it to a cooler cellar. What do you think this will do to the taste? Should I throw it out?

Secondly, the kit did not have the package of bentonite, so I bought some at the local brewshop. I noticed in the lees after racking a lot of black sand looking stuff on the bottom. Is this normal? I didn't notice it in my earlier 4 kits.

Thank you for any tips and suggestions.

Every kit I ever got also had bentonite in it. When you added it, did you add it to very hot water as the kits usually instruct and dissolve it all? Another question you said it was not included with the kit but did the instructions instruct you to put it in as one of the first steps? I would not dump it! I would continue on per instructions through completion. Your temps should not of effected the process.
The instructions indicated that I was to dissolve the bentonite in hot water, which I did. I used 15 grams of the substitute bentonite from the brewshop. The kit had two packages of Metabisulphite instead of one, and no packages of bentonite. So I assume that there was a mistaken count when it was packaged.

I am hoping that the black sand at the bottom of the primary was a result of this particular bentonite, and not because of the too warm primary.

I am concerned that the hot temperature of the primary will seriously affect the taste. I guess I will find out!

The black sand is from the type of bentonite that was used. Bentonite is a clay. Its organic and you have no problem.
God bless, Ed