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Nov 6, 2006
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I also belong to our sister site HomeBrewTalk. Here I found a group from my area making a "bulk buy" (1 pallet, 42 sacks or 2200#'s) of grains and hops. I got in kinda late but was able to score 2 - 25KG (55#ea) of 2 row for $55 for BOTH!
Guess whats in my future? :b
Hormones are going wild. I am starting to feel like I GOT a couple of superstars in My belly!! LOL
HEY ! :slp
I admit i AM old. Just means I have EXPERIENCE... LOL :ib
Next will be 10 gallons of a German brew.
that's a great deal!! I wish I could find some locals brewers to do a similar purchase. now you need to start growing your own hops.

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