Transplaning old plants, stumps with new shoots help needed

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All graded and laid out, I'm planning 8' row space with 4' plant space. Does this about right? It looks like a lot of space between the rows..I have a few documents that state this as "preferred".

What do you recommend?


Four foot between vines is too close! I have some that I planted first that are six, and that is barely enough space between plants. The last I planted, I spaced at ten foot rows and seven foot between plants.
IMG_4822.JPG IMG_4824.JPG Four hours to dig the holes and plant 26 plants, they were all in by 5pm today. About 3/4 look promising with new fine roots growing from the old big roots, not a lot of fine roots but hopefully enough to get them going again. Still need to do the final leveling but the plants are in and covered. I'll give them this year to show some life and the ones that don't produce new shoots or show any life get pulled, and the holes will be filled with some new vines.

Fingers crossed...supposed to be 20-24C all week...finally. Maybe enough to get them to pop some new growth.


PS went with 7' row spacing and 6' in row spacing.
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Well 2 weeks in the new location and no sign of life in any of them....been 20C+ for the last few weeks or so, some rain and I have watered regularly. As this is new to me, not sure what to conclude. We are at 51DEG N, so always a bit later spring, but I would have thought they should at least be showing shoots or some activity.


See my last post on 0% survival of vidal blanc. Grape vines are tough, but you were torturing them pretty well! Good luck to you, just give them plenty of time!
For those of you following this saga....I found 2 today with signs of life....tiny little leaves starting to sprout, and only on the plants with previous shoots still remaining, the ones that are just stumps, nothing showing. I'll post some pics this weekend and any more updates. We had a plethora of rain today, enough to washout our road combined with all the snow melt, was a busy day of getting my equipment across the washed out area so I could continue working.

Now up to 3 showing signs of life...23 to go. Not sure how long to give them to show signs? Anyone? If they are not going to sprout, I want to get some replacements in before it's too late in the year.

Here they are.

Well I just realized I haven't updated this story for a while....last year was a blur. I landed a large contract and didn't really have time to do much with the plants except water them by hand a few nights a week. So by last summer I had about 8 or 10 that showed hope but the hot summer months were hard on them and by fall most had lost leaves, the weeds had invaded and it was really just a sad state of affairs, a nightmare to keep weeded and I finally gave up. I haven't been out yet this year to even look to see if anything survived a second winter, the weeds are 4' tall and I am contemplating dozing the whole area under and starting again with new plants. I found a local supplier selling 1 gallon pot size plants for $15 each. I may just buy a number if varieties and do it again, with a nice grass between rows to keep the weeds down, drip lines, proper poles and supports.

Anyway, that's the update for now. I will hack my way thru the weeds to see if any of them show life, but the John Deere 450 is 100' from the vineyard and ready to clear the area for a new start if they are dead.

Thanks all for the support and guidance, I learned a lot, and if I ever find another vineyard parting with their plants, I will get them in the ground within a a few days.

Thanks for the update and taking us along for the ride. So often we only hear stories about success, there's much to be learned from failure. I've learned much from your thread and appreciate your efforts.
Well I'll be darned...I went out this morning before I went to work, and hacked my way thru what are now 5-6' of weeds, with actual trunks, :slp and I found all the traffic cones I had used as markers to indicate healthy plants last year, and most of them had bloody big leaves and tall shoots growing out of the stumps of the old plants, bloody amazing. I couldn't believe it, maybe the weeds created a sort of greenhouse moist environment for them, whatever it was, I am going to bring my excavator home this weekend and weed the entire area. I bought 5 new plants today as well and will incorporate those into the vineyard. Very cool, it's been very hot for 2 weeks but now we are in a cool spell and if I can get the whole area cleaned up, I can transplant the new vines into the vineyard, setup the drip lines and plant some poles and wires.

Sorry to keep this thread going, but hey, nature will find a way. o_O
Pictures, say 1,000 words...

BEFORE, can't see the fastback

DURING, Gotta love that big shovel...IMG_6858.JPG

AFTER, finally, 6 healthy plants, still can't see the fastback :slp but it's thereIMG_6859.JPG

I am a sucker for punishment or what.....:slp

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