refractometer to measure sg?

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Aug 1, 2010
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Just curious here - had a bit of a screwup with the hydrometer yesterday (I'm guessing my SP didn't go from 1.020 to 1.000 in less than 24 hours).

Google tells me there's some fancy digital refractometers for wine making... :mny:mny:mny

I've got a refractometer here - but it's more for measuring salinity; still has the scale for S.G. though - only runs from .095 to 1.070 though. Any reason why it wouldn't work for measuring SG in the wine too?

Thanks in advance,

You can only use a refractometer when no alc is present or it will give you an incorrect reading, It measures the in bend of light and alc will disturb this reading. if you are fermenting a small batch then it is very possible to ferment that fast.
5g - so not that small, guess not huge either in comparison :) Interesting - decided to give it a whirl, and was getting comparable readings between the two (at least once I spent a bunch of time knocking bubbles out) and after yesterdays SP on the ceiling incident - I'm leaning more towards bubbles throwing the reading out than fast fermenting...
It's very possible to ferment that fast.
I have a refractometer and use it when preparing a must and picking fruit.
Get yourself a couple of hydrometers.

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