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Feb 19, 2010
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I just bottled my 2nd batch of wine. The first was a Shiraz and this is Italian Montepulciano. Both are Winexpert International Selection kits. I followed all the directions and was careful to sanitize everything. Both wines taste OK but both seem to have the same slight "off taste". I started drinking them after only about one month, do I need to let them age more or look harder for something wrong in my process.
What is this "off-taste" you describe?

I would say you will have to age at least another 6 - 12 months to get a better flavour out of your wine. Drinking after one month is IMO far too soon.
Yes that is too soon. Wines will change flavor as the age especially in the first month. Your wine may still be in bottle shock. Wait another few months and try a btl. I'm sure it will taste better.
Young wine, that's all. Really any red should sit 4-6 months minimum. Whites are usually ready sooner.

it all varies...but usually the minor 'off taste' is just 'young wine'.

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