Red Raspberry from July 2011

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Dec 9, 2009
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Western New York
We went to a friend's home for dinner yesterday and in the wine basket they found a bottle of red raspberry I gave them that I made in July 2011. It is (was) the oldest wine of mine that has not been consumed. It was really mellow and tasty. The color had faded a little but it went with dinner very nicely . :db

Red Raspberry July 2011  December 17 2016.JPG
proof that time is wines greatest ingredient,,,,
good recipe = good wine,
time = great wine,,
i bet you'd love several cases of 2011 wines,
for every case i make for me i make another case to squirrel away for years from now, all my wines i squirrel away i use dark bottles and 1/2 FLOR corks and 1/2 NORMACROC corks, they now have proven that Norma croc corks sealed wines are still doing great at 18 years of aging, and the longer these corks are around the longer they will be rated for,,,,
i am now going to 100% Norma croc's ,,, 22mm x 44mm or #9 x 1 &3/4 inch corks
all my wines are country wines, or meads made 100% from scratch, using organic, natural, non-GMO, and kosher. and well water from 249 feet thru lime stone, never in my opinion use rural or city water, they have chemicals placed in them by mankind,

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