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Aug 28, 2009
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I have started a 6 gal blackberry recipe from this forum and am wondering if I have done this correct just because of the volume I have. The recipe calls for 5 3/4 gals of water but I have nearly 10 gals total of all in my primary. I'm thinking this is just due to the 36# of berries and the 12.5# of sugar I ended up adding. I think the berrries did not bring a lot of sugar to the table and I had to add more sugar then the recipe called for to get the starting s.g. to 1.085. The question is does this seem correct? It just seems to be such a large volume currently and I know it will diminish when I pull the pulp out at the end but I think this will give me more then 6 gal. I am glad I picked up a 10 gal primary but do miss the blurp blurp blurp that I heard with the 7.9 when I have the airlock on. The ferment is going well, almost a rolling boil after 18 hours and smells really good.
6 gal of blackberry in bulk aging.
6 gal of raspberry in bulk aging.
6 gal of cranberry in bulk aging.
I think it's hard say how much liquid will come out of those berries and you will loose some to sediment. In the end, most people shoot for getting extra must so they have something to top off with after racking. Sounds yummy!
When you make fruit wine you need to ferment in 2 6-gallon buckets. Yes you can fill 10+ gallons of SPACE w/ 36# of fruit. Make sure you add pectic enzyme.
You will find that there wil be alot of settling so dont worry about the volume now.
Add the fruit to a 5-gallon paint straining bag and tie off. Makes it easier to remove the pulp.
You're dealing with the same thing I am with my strawberry. Right now I'm watching the sediment build up and am pretty sure I'll end up with my 12 gallons I figured on out of 18 gallons of filled carboys.
I think next time I'm going to try using very little water until I pull the pulp bag out of the primary. This time I didn't use a bag, and used a big primary fermenter.

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