Raz-A-Rita Wine Recipe tastes Good

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Apr 5, 2022
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Well I didn't want to mention this here after tasting the overrun that has been stored in the Chiller since I started the wine but today I racked using just a cane. When I pulled the suction and got a little wine in my mouth it was very good already. Here is the recipe it kinda tastes like a Raspberry Margarita. I let all my Key Limes ripen to the point they fell from the tree, they had sweetened as well as still being tart.

Raz-A-Rita Wine

4 Cups Key Lime Juice
1 3# Can Oregon Raspberry Puree
3 Boxes Golden Raisins Chopped
Distilled Water to 4 Gallon mark
1 10# Bag Sugar
4 Tsp Yeast Nutrient
3 Tsp Pectic Enzyme
4 Campden Tablets
1 Pack Lavin EC-1118 Yeast
Starting SG 1.110 PH 2.27

Lime Recipes are scarce so thought I would share.
I clean picked all the Persian Limes on my trees a few days ago. I'm squeezing and vacuum packing the juice in 4.5 Cup batches for future wines. 2 more 3# cans of Raspberry Puree is on the way here now. The PH is so low starting my yeast with a teaspoon of sugar then adding a little of the must every 15 minutes kicks the fermentation off very good. Tomorrow is Mayhaw/Red Fuji Apple wine, no recipe so I'm just going to use the Force.

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