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Jan 2, 2010
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I'm getting my girlfriend a wine making set up for our anniversary that should be here tomorrow. Along with the equipment I'm getting a RJS Cru Select Platinum Shiraz. Through my days of reading this and other wine making websites I am seeing that this wine will be better with a year plus of aging. Being a realist I know odds of the first batch we make lasting that long are slim to none.

I understand that any wine will need time to be at its best potential but am wondering if there are any kits that do better with a shorter aging time. I have heard/read that whites generally don't take as long to age (correct me if I'm wrong).

With all that said is there any kits along the line of a Chardonnay for a newb that won't disappoint with a short age?


One of the white kit wines will do the trick, most are drinkable almost right away. they will get better but first timers want to drink and share. Just get Quality kits. This site can help pick one CPFAN is resident wine kit man
I am a newb myself and if I am wrong, I am sure it will be corrected. Most kits should age at least 3 months, how ever some that you can drink almost right away will be the mist or breeze style kits. These are on the sweet side and are more like wine coolers. I started one on 11-27-09 and will bottle it 01-15-10. The sample I tried was very tasty and I have had 3 different people tell me it's good. It was a Mosti Mondiale Summer Breeze Black Cherry Shiraz. Since these are low in alchol content, other members have added more sure to up the ABV, but from my understanding when the ABV goes up, you need to wait longer before drinking it to let the alcohol mellow out.
3 months would be fine to wait, 6 month could even be a possibility but I can't make any promises. I'm not looking for something that needs to be ready the day I bottle it but don't want to wait a year before I can/should taste the fruits of my labor, not the first time anyway.
Well as mmadmikes1 suggested, just about any white would be good. Some websites offer information about what the manufacture recommends as a minimum aging period. I mainly shop at www.finevinewines.com and usual they list aging requirements.

Unfortunately, I'm not a chardonnay fan, so haven't tried any of them. Sounds like you have access to RJS kits. The Grand Cru International family is a very good 4-week kit, and it includes a California Chardonnay. It will improve with some age (probably at least partly due to the oak), but should still be quite good 8-12 weeks after starting it. Try to hang on to SOME for a year to see if you can judge a difference.

Just as my luck would have it. I search for an answer for 2 days with no luck, create a new thread and find the info I was looking for within 2 minutes in a different thread.

So if anyone has a question similar to what I did I would recommend clicking the link below. Once there look for the 2 articles that Wade posted from wine making mag. Not only tells you which ones will age faster, but more importantly, why. Thanks for the info Wade.

Can't currently insert the link as I do not have enough posts under my belt. Will edit once I do. Til then this is the name of the thread.

Quality of cheaper grape juice vs more expensive brands
My WE Australian Chardonnay is a early drinker...I really haven't noticed too much change from after the bottle shock through month 8 (I gave a good portion of it away for Christmas...everyone loved it).

The guy at the wine shop says that the WE Piesporter(sic) is an early drinker as well, but I haven't tried that yet.

My WE Australian Chardonnay is a early drinker...


I was about to post this...I made a WE australian chardonnay for my mother in law, and when I bottled it there was a bit left over in the bottling wand. I drank it and found it was damn near ready. Didn't have that 'young wine/yeasty aroma' like my WE chianti had at the same age.
I would agree. I have the WE Australian Chardonnay and it seems like there was some improvement from bottling to month 1, however at month 2 it tastes amazing.
Hi Timothy. For what it's worth, that post was from last January. :D :b

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