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Dec 29, 2008
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I am working on my first batch of wine, a Sauvignon Blanc wine kit from Selection Premium. I followed the directions, and had it in the Primary fermenter for 6 days, checked the SG and it was 1.02, so I waited a day and found it at .99, so I transferred it to my carboy. The secondary fermentation seems awful sluggish... I get a bubble every 5-6 seconds, but not much more.

My question.. is this normal? When I transferred the juice, I did not transfer all the sediment in the pail... did I screw up with that? Is there anything I should be doing? Am I screwed ?

Or should I be patient?

Dont worry, the instructions with the time frame are just a guide and some go faster and some go slower. temp is a big factor in how fast a fermentation will happen. Warmer temps will make a fermentation go fatser and cooler=slower. As far as sediment goes as long as you transfered most then you are fine. If yu racked leaving all behind them you might want to get another fining agent such as SuperKleer KC as it does not require transferring over sediment.
About that, Im guessing that fermentation is done and those bubbles are just C02 being expelled from your wine. I would give it a few days and check your SG agin to be sure and if still the same proceed to the next step.
The kit instructions have me waiting 10 more days befor racking and clarifying the wine.
Should I attempt to restart the fermentation?
I dont think there is any sugars left to ferment as you are very dry already. Just check your sg a few days in a row to make sure it is still not fermenting very slowly and if the sg does not godown anymore then proceed to the next step.
Just keep in mind that the stuff that falls to the bottom is dead once fermentation has gone on.

A bubble every few seconds is a nice pace that in my experience leads to an excellent result! Just wait to rack when the lees is apparent at the bottom. You can't always put a number on the timing in wine making.