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Jan 13, 2009
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i took the advice from one of the experts on this forum pertaining to the yeast starter, and it worked great. I added the yeast to my must, and because i'm still waiting for my brewing belt and my must for the last couple of days (before adding the yeast has been between 55-60) i felt i had to do something to try and keep it somewhat warm, so i put a small heater next to it and i turn that on a couple times a day (don't want to leave it on 24 hrs it really raises my electric bill), my question is, should i have the lid snapped on tight, or just leave it setting on top of the bucket not snapped into place, i have an airlock on it, but wasn't sure if it mattered or not. Thanks again guys (and girls :) )
I would put the lid tight on.
As there will be little or no fermentation the risk
of contamination is large.
Leaving the lid on will let the yeast make a small layer
of CO2 on top of the must and prevent anything coming in.

However be aware that yeast like costant temperatures and they will not perform well when temps go up and down all the time.
So turning the heater a few times a day on does not help really.

Lock the lid. Use an airlock. Keep the temp as steady as possible. 55-60 is on the low side. Make sure to use your hydrometer. I have two WE kits going. I noticed that at 68/69 with a few dips to 64/66 I had to add two days to the suggested primary fermentation time frames. So at 55/60 your times may be longer. Again, use your hydrometer. I spent a few bucks on a decent space heater with all sorts of fail safes to keep the temp at a steady 69/70ish.
At those low temps you may get a stuck frmentation. Get those temps up to at least mid to high 60's or you will get in trouble probably. You will not get all the C02 out at those temps either and end up with fizzy wine that may not clear as C02 trapped in wine will hold sediment in suspension.

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