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Mar 7, 2017
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I've read different answers to this question on the net so if i may i'll run it by you here. I want to use some commercially bought lemon juice in a dragon's blood wine but the ingredients state 99% juice, 1% sodium metabisulfite.

Will this impede the yeast? Should i aerate the juice for say, 24 hours, prior to starting the wine? And if so, would leaving it in an opened container with a cloth covering for a day or so be sufficient to drive off the sulfite?

Thanks in advance.
Doubt whether you will have any problems. If it was me, I would just pitch the yeast. Give it half the nutrient up front, the other half when it gets down to 1.060 or so. Keep the temps. up in the mid seventies to start, when it gets going good you can probably let it cool down a little bit. Good luck with it, Arne.
Besides what dralarms and Arne said, stir it daily. Actually stir it very rigorously every day until sg is down around 1.010. And don't be scared if it doesn't start right away. Sometimes it will take a few days before it starts to ferment.
Thanks for responding. Did it contain preservative 203, dralarms, by any chance?

Thinking through it today, i reckon it'll be fine. I'll leave the lemon juice in a bowl over night and go from there. After all, we often add metabisufite to the must 24 hours before pitching the yeast so 1% of a small amount of the overall must volume will not trouble the yeast, i'm thinking.
Cheers folks, i'll be sure to report any problems and plead for help.:e