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Aug 29, 2009
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Can i use a beer hygrometer for wine ? my son broke mine! (gotta love kids LOL)Anyway the only store in my area is sold out except beer hygrometer... they have the same readings as my old one but its only about half the the size. I'm affraid that if i wait till later next week for a shipment to come in my juice will spoil. I have it in the fridge but I'm attempting to make watermelon(my first try at this flavor) and all that I've read about it says it spoils very easy
all that I've read about it says it spoils very easy

extremely easy! leave it in the fridge when you are fermenting until it's ready for the secondary. ours spoiled before it became wine. spoiled watermelon is very nasty to smell!:s
Most beer hydrometers are the same. If should have a specific gravity reading on it. If it does use it. I had a "triple scale" hydrometer when I made beer and used it for wine also.
I've tried to make watermelon wine a few times and have not succeeded yet.It's spoiled each time. Even Jack Keller says he has that happen too and he recommends having a good strong yeast starter going before you proccess the watermelon. That way you can pitch the starter as soon as you can.

I'd order the proper type hdyrometer for your winemaking. If nothing else for the simple fact I have older eyes and need all the help I can get reading the scales and numbers.
hello and welcome,

mine is a triple scale one too Tom.. It's very handy.

I guess mine are triple scale as well. I always use my hydrometers for both beer and wine.
Same here, I have he triple with then thermo built in as well so I just put it in for a minute and pull it out and I have the true temp and sg all in one.

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