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Feb 15, 2009
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0 I'm a complete newbie to home brewing....and obviously I have questions already....

Got my first batch of Parsnip wine on the go following a recipe in a book by C.J.J Berry....SO....

I'm wondering how I should best go about transferring from the 25 litre bucket it is fermenting in now...into the demijohns I'll have cleaned and prepared when the time comes.

My original idea was to sterilise some muslin, put in a sterilised funnel and simply pour in...but I'm worried it may oxidise or get contaminated in the process. Advice would be HUGELY appreciated....:D
It would be much easier next time to put all the fruit(in this case parsnip) into a muslin bag to begin with in the primary bucket so as you can just pull out the bag and squeeze the bag out over the primary and then rack all with a racking cane and hose by creating a siphon and some gravity by having the bucket twice as high as the receiving vessel. At this point just rack it with a cane and hose as the anti sediment tip on the racking cane will stop most sediment from going into the carboy and what does get transferred will be racked off later anyway and you will be doing several rackings.
Well the recipe called for boiling the parsnips first, then straining and transferring the liquid into the fermenting bucket, so I have no fruit in the bucket, all that is in there is the must, yeast, citric acid etc...
Ok then just rack over as much as you can leaving all the thick stuff at the bottom but dont worry too much about bringing over some of that stuff as it will settle out at a later time.

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