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Dec 4, 2009
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I know that potassium bicarbonate works in a sense like a 2 stage system. It will lower acid somewhat when first added to the wine and finish lowering acid when you cold stabilize. But what happens if you do not cold stablilize?
You really need to cold stabilize it to precipitate the actual product out of your wine, most of it will have attached itself to the acids and fallen out but you want to get the rest that hasnt fallen out to drop.
Thanks Wade, I knew you were going to come online and tell me this. I used the pot. bicarb on a white wine once and did not cold stabilize but I put the wine in the frig after it was bottled so I kinda sorta did cold stabilize.

So, this is what I did, Mike is downstairs playing xbox online, he is in the back room of the basement, the beer frig is in the front part of the basement. After reading your comment, I went downstairs moved his beer around, some of it I had to lay on their side (do you think this is an issue?) and then I lowered the top shelf, I have two one gallon batches that I had to add pot. bicarb to so I just needed room for these two. The clearance that I need was 17" so that made the space between the first and second shelf very small, that is why I had to lay some of his beer on their sides. Does anyone think he is going to notice? :i

If he comes and yells at me Wade, I'm telling him you told me to do this. :)
What exactly did you lay on its side, I hope it wasnt a keg!!!!!!!!!!
What exactly did you lay on its side, I hope it wasnt a keg!!!!!!!!!!

No just bottles of his homebrew. You know I never thought about the keg frig, I bet I can find some room there as well. Thanks Wade!

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