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I said goodbye to old friends a short while ago.

When we moved into our house 29 years ago, one of my first purchases was a 6 pack of work gloves. Pictured are the last pair from that pack.

They may not look that bad in the picture, but the lining is in shreds, making putting them on a pain, and several seams are ripped. The suede parts are stiff and crackle a bit.

They did their job, did it well, and persevered for far longer than anyone might expect! 😀


Last year I purchased another 6 pack of gloves. The design hasn't changed in 3 decades.
Well, after getting three different delivery dates and being stood up on two, the cabinets arrived today. They arrived about two hours after I found out that the sink sewer pipe apparently has a hole in it and is draining under the house. God, I love doing old work like this, where everything is straight, square and level and there are no surprises. Who wants to guess what my tomorrow and weekend look like now? 😄


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