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Dennis Griffith

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Jun 16, 2018
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Hillsboro, Ohio
don't get me wrong,, i do not socialize my animals because i am a hard worker ., nope, it is because the older i get. the lazier i get,,, i chase nothing, they see me hear they come, my Dad is going to be 89 in January, every time i go to have a hog or a bovine butchered, i walk to the trailer all one to walk to the trailer and jump right in i shut the door, at which time, Dad tells me there's something wrong with me and that I'm my moms son, because i did not get that from his side of the family, as for the equine, i call them into the barn, shut the door and worm them, my health don't allow me to chase down anything more then my next plate of biscuits and gravy,,, lol
Funny story. Horses got out once, and I found the situation with my wife chasing them around the back field trying to get a rope on them. Funny watching her as she thought she could out run those critters. Well, I made sure everything was open, stepped in and put some grain in a feed bucket, stepped into the paddock where they could see me, and started slapping the side of the bucket. Heads went up, and here they came. Silly girl didn't realize those horses were having a good time. And to watch her walk back across that field with her head down, well, I almost wet myself laughing.
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