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Oct 26, 2008
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Winter has just begun and tommorrow I am going to bury my friend Lane Scott Proffit(46).

He lost a tough battle with liver cancer and went to be with whatever God he believed in.

Lane has been a good pal for well over 20 yrs. He will be missed and so I raise my glass to him. I remeber all those years ago we thought we were wine makers, we mixed juice with sugar and bread yeast and 2 weeks later sat around the campfire talking sh@@ about how good are wine was. Little did we know.

I seen him 2 wks ago in the emergency room when I smashed my foot, he told me about his fight and my foot no longer hurt. 2 weeks later he went on.

So if you don't mind, raise one for him, he would do the same for you. If you ever have a chance to see the Northern Lights, he will be in there.


Guess it just goes to show. We don't know. Believe in something, anything.

This isn't a religous argument. But as we creep over that 40 hill all bets are on. When I seen him 2 weeks ago, he didn't expect to leave that soon.

Becareful what you do, what you say and how you think. This isn't "My Name is Earl". You may not have a chance to make it right. Do it right the first time. or at least try to, we'll figure it out down the road......I guess.

Thanks for the toast, and I join you.

A glass of some premo Corn whiskey neat is in my hand which is up in the air!
Cool! My buddy sees that and thinks its "neat" as well. Thank You.

I cant tell you everything but I know he tried to make his own "bio diesel" a few years ago.

The things we do.. Thanks Wade, good friend lost, gotta suck it in and go on.

I don't remeber signing up for any of this getting old sh##!!:D

In the spirit of the forum, if you cant outlive your kids, than by golly, outlive your wine!!!!!!:D


Troy I'm sorry for your lose and raise my glass too.
Heres to Lane Scott Proffit, gods speed.

And Troy, Lane is ok you are the one left behind, head up, chine up and tears are ok
Sure appreciate the toasts and hugs, this sh## is never easy to deal with. Losing my ole pal is tough enough, seeing his Ma and Pa tommorrow is gonna be tough. Obviously I can't tell them everything, but I can damn sure come up with enough memories to let them know he was one of the good guys.

I'm just afraid some day I will be the one on an ice flow drifting somewhere unknown, and there will be nooone to raise a glass for me. If I am gonna be one of the last ones standing then I will stand on that chunk of ice and say..."damn, thats a long way from shore!"LOL :D

And so I toast again.

I'm just afraid some day I will be the one on an ice flow drifting somewhere unknown, and there will be nooone to raise a glass for me.

I will !!!

And I will raise a glass in honour of your friend.

I'm currently bottling grapefruit wine.

raising a glass for Lane Scott Proffit now,


Hugs, Troy
Thanks guys. I apprteciate you thinking about me. sadness is always easier when you can shead a tear on a strangers shoulder.

Kinda funny G, I seen him this last spring and told him about the wine making and told him about you and Coll, and told him I was coming down your way.

He said in response, "GO". "They can't like you anymore than we do."

And of course I got back," Yeah but Lane, they don't even know me!!"

He laughed till it hurt, but I had no idea.

Thanks for letting me share my sadness with you. This is one shi##y way to go into an Alaskan winter. I hope we can get through till May with no more of this. I am getting old and my emotions are fragile.

But I am as tough as the wilderness that surounds me. I'll be fine.

Friends like I have made on this forum are the kind of friends I want to have on my back, well, at least looking out for my back.:D

Thanks Again,


Our thoughts are with you. If it gives you any solice, Alaska is a great place to pass away. Every where you look there are signs of a greater being. I was up there 4 years ago and was astounded by the beauty and greatness of your state - from glaciers, to fjords to mountains. I'm in Minnesota and we have your weather but not nearly the beauty. I will raise a toast tonight!!!

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