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Oct 7, 2009
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I have a 6 gal. Pino Grigio with a SG of 1.005 which I just measured. My question is, should I rack it off the lee's or let it continue fermenting?
I'm concerned about too much oxidation....

Little History,
Primary fermentation in plastic bucket, 1st racking at SG of 1.03 per instructions. Carboy is stored in basement at 64 Degf. and it's been about three weeks and it looks and taste great....

Thank you......
That colder temp is whats making it take it's time. It is off the gross lees correct (meaning you have racked it once already)? It's not going to hurt it to rack it and you are going to have to do it again but in reality you are going to introduce more oxygen than it just sitting. I would just let it sit till it is done and then rack it for clearing.

Yes 1 racking thus far.... I like you thoughts....

Thank You!!!!

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