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Dec 2, 2009
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Anyone ever make a Piesporter kit, if so was it good or recommend one. I remember some years back drinking Piesporter and liking it. I have seen a couple different kits for it.

Even better would be a recipe instead of a kit. I don't mind kits, but would rather make something from scratch if that makes sense? It's like making a cake from a box to me. I perfer to make a homemade cake from a recipe...
With many years of drinking and making wine ya know Ive still never made or tried this wine yet!
I made this wine and everyone loves it. The elder flowers were a pain though because I was new to wine making and did not contain them in some sort of a sack. I will make this one again. Mine was a Vinters Reserve. Next time I will get a Selection Original.I have like four shops around me and they only carry Winexpert. The other one not too far away carries Heron Bay and I did pick up a Gewurztraminer from them today. I wish I could get RJS local.
Wade: You should try it, I like it better than Reisling.

Runningwolf, thanks you. I only have a small store, it's actually Ace Hardware. I mainly get my carboys from them. Everything else I pretty much order online. I might give the RJS a try. To bad no recipe to make it homemade :(
Ok so I ordered my wife the Okanangan Peach Ice Wine style.

I need some help as I don't know much about the different Piesporter kits, any recommendation on these:


I don't know which manufacture kit's make a better wine...

Thanks for your help!

I know price doesn't always mean better!

EDIT: How long did it take to age?
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VVolf I got the Vinters reserve and it was good. Now that I have tried many of these white kits and I know what we like, I will start buying higher end kits. As we finish up what we have, our tastes will change for the better and some of these bigger kits will be just coming around. Thats the best thing about the 4-5 week kits. You make enough of them to drink now so you don't touch the good stuff as its aging.