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Oct 25, 2016
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S. Jersey/Philadelphia area
First off let me just say I hate pH meters. So finicky and they make me crazy. After using a cheapo from Amazon that would just NEVER stabilize I stepped up a click and got the $85 Milwaukee pH55 pen type meter.
Only about a month old now but it's already the bane of my existence. Now Getting a "WRNG" signal during calibration that isn't even mentioned in the instructions. Looked it up and apparently I have to soak the probe overnight in white distilled vinegar to clean it. Still works but very VERY slow and I'm not sure I trust it. And when I check the solutions after calibration it's always off a couple tenths. In brand new solution.
Couple questions
1. When calibrating and going from one solution to the other are you supposed to rinse it off in water so none of the 7.0 solution gets mixed in with the 4.0 solution?
2. How long does solution last after being opened?
3. Are more expensive meters less finicky or is it the operator?
4. To rinse off after testing a sample or solution, what is preferred, distilled water? Tap or spring? Or should I get and use storage solution to rinse also. Currently store in the 4.0.

The readings on my wine have steady read the same repeatedly since AF. Which makes me think it might be legit. But Then my acid levels do not correlate to my pH levels from the meter. But they do correlate to the strips (sorta. Strips are brutal too on reds). TA's came in at .65% on 2 batches.
Meter reads 3.1 and 3.2
Strips read 3.6 ish. Maybe
Just frustrating and time consuming. And I'm gettin sick of spending money. I'll do the vinegar soak and hope it works well again.
I just don't know whether to trust it or not since I'll get something like 7.2 and 3.9 in checking the solutions.
A shop semi local to me offers testing to samples brought in (attached to a winery). I'm thinking about getting my wine tested for EVERYTHING so I know for sure and can check my equipment properly. Repeatedly needing to mess with equipment takes the fun out of this. I'm doing something wrong. I just don't know what it is.

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