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Oct 1, 2016
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Anyone making a petite pearl wine yet? I'm starting my first batch and am excited about it. brix came in at 22.5 PH 3.45 and TA is around .6
If anyone has done this yet I would be curious on what yeast they used. I'm torn between RC212 or D254. With low acid levels it looks like I could ferment this without going thru MLF... probably still will though. It will be easier making a good red with this vs. Marquette. Marquette always has low PH and high acid.
Thanks for the help.

I used the Rc212. I let it ferment on the skins for 8 days. Punched it down a few times a day. Nice dark color and a fantastic smell. I pressed VERY gently. I also added 1 pack of Wyeast 4007 Malo Lactic Blend to 13 gals of wine, now sitting in 2 6 gal carboys and 1 gal jug. Will let it sit for a month or so then rack and add kmeta and oak and let it rest for about a year.
Thanks Tony...I have two batches of wine going and am about ready to pitch yeast... I have 17 gallons of Marquette and about 12 gallons of Petite...this is just must volume. I would like to pitch both wines at same time with same yeast just for trials...I'm going with the RC212. I love oneos 2 for my MLF bacteria...used it before with Marquette and have had awesome results from it...curious what your TA was on Petite?

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