Northern hybrids, 3-day ferment !!!

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Two weeks ago I hauled all three carboys out of the cellar and put them in the garage for cold stabilization. I checked the temp a few times and it was always 26F to 28F. Today I racked it and added a half spiral of med toast French oak to the threes and a full spiral in the five gallon.

The Verona had the most tartaric crystals in the carboy and the Marquette the least. The vegetal taste in the Verona is much reduced. The Petite Pearl was nice and fruity, and the Marquette still tasted thin. My wife’s comment was “it doesn’t taste like anything”. I mixed about 1/3 cup of each together then added a scant 1/8t of sugar. An hour later it tasted very good.

I’m going to let them sit on the oak until the end of June then blend and bottle.
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