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Still lost.....
Sep 25, 2012
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Anyone making this kit just released from their limited 2017 Passport series?
Just got this kit today. It has a small fpack.

Surprisingly enough, not only it came with EC-1118 but also 71B yeast..!!

Has anyone used 71B on a Riesling?? [emoji15]
I read somewhere that they only made 1. :)

So I was the winner...:h

I wonder if anyone would or have used 71B on a Riesling??
With no better yeast available at hand, I think I will pitch 71B today to see how it goes...:ft
Started this just now.
SG 1.090
pH 3.75 (kind of a high pH to start)
Pitched 71B.
I didn't get the kit, but I'm a Riesling fan and I am interested how it goes with the 71B.
pH ~3.42
Must Temp 66F
Basement temp 55F
SG ~1.082, barely moved in 3 days.

I'm cooking this one in the cold side, let's see how 71B handles it.
It got down to 1.000 this morning, so racking out of open bucket into a carboy.
Fermentation still going strong.

There was a bit of odor at ~1.050 and I added a bit of 'standard' yeast nutrient (what I had available) and it went away.
All looking good, will let it rest in 'secondary' for at least a week and see how things progress then.
Went down to 0.994 in open bucket, almost a full week fermenting nicely in the cold basement (heat belt placed on the 3rd day).

Racked to 6gal plastic carboy to rest for some time, maybe a week.

NOTE: Interesting how instructions vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
While WE says to rack off solid sediment one time to go into "secondary" and no more racking off the sediment when stabilizing, CC says to rack off the lees again after "secondary" is done; so 1 racking off the lees when moving to "secondary" and then a 2nd racking off the lees at the very end of alcoholic fermentation.

I let my fermentation go all the way dry/done in open/primary bucket, then rack off the lees one time and then I stabilize and add fining agent. I will do this with this CC as well.
Did you add any of the F Pack at the beginning? Also what was your SG after adding F Pack
Did you add any of the F Pack at the beginning? Also what was your SG after adding F Pack

No, to me it was a small f-pack that I think it would compliment the ending SG of 0.994

Later today I am checking the final SG after adding the f-pack.
Wine is so clear right now...
Although I didn't rack out of the 6gal plastic carboy, I took a reading and the SG seems to be exactly at 1.000, which is good for me, although I'd prefer 1.002.
Wine clear as it can be, just racked into 5gal carboy, had some left over and got 2 bottles.

I am really liking what I tasted, barely off dry at 1.000 and really smooth...!!

Another report later.

ImageUploadedByWine Making1488049180.406078.jpg
And I think this wine is a winner, not too sweet and not bone dry, just on the spot for me; will give it another couple months in carboy and then bottle in the summer.
This may be a much better Riesling than the WE Eclipse ..!!