Passenger Train Crashes Through FedEx Truck in Shocking Video

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Jul 7, 2009
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Northern Nuevo Mexico
Well of course I had a case of wine on this truck! I was wondering where the heck it was as it should have been delivered a few days ago. Then I saw this video and the location (Salt Lake City) yesterday and today I got the email from fedEx that the contents were damaged in shipment and being returned to the shipper. It appears the other part of the order did not get damaged and will arrive on time today. Insane and the driver is lucky to be alive!
Oh my, that's terrifying! I'm glad the driver's ok, and my condolences for your wine.
Most of us can't find our packages with tracking numbers, Mike can find his with video footage. I thought I saw it flying through the air.

Sorry for your loss.
Wow! I am glad there was no injuries .
This just proves you've been "trained" to tell your wine stories

Amazing that it was caught on film/tape.

Not really the driver's fault, it looks like the crossing gate did not come down or even warn the driver. This one is not on him and am glad he was not hurt.

Enough of that.. Time to pay some respects....

We gather today to bid a fond farewell to Mike's wine. We shall remember those 12 bottles with fondness. Yea, though their demise was untimely, we shall use their sacrifice to gather strength. We shall continue to remember that the life of wine is fleeting and must be enjoyed to the fullest whilst on this earth.

Please.. Now bow your heads for a moment of silence while I sneak down to the tracks with a straw....
Years ago we had a train derail with one car full of wine. Most of it was not hurt, but they dug a big deep hole and buried it. Another car was full of tennis shoes, they buried them too. Lots could of been saved, but they buried it all. Arne.
Believe it or not this is not the first time an order of Wine from WA State has been in an accident. I guess UPS will load up trailers and then put just loaded trailers on a train and transport them to a central UPS center unload the trailers and then the last few hundred miles are driven by truck/trailer. Anyways one of my other orders was on a trailer and then the train derailed and tumped over several cars and of course one of them was mine. Somehow the wine was not damaged and they were able to get it back on its way with only a few days of sitting in around Boise, ID IIRC.

The smaller half case that was not damaged (supposedly) looks like it made it to Santa fe this AM so should be out for delivery shortly. It will be interesting to see if the box has any scars on it!