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Drunken God
Dec 7, 2008
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Hi guys,

i was just too excited about it so i just come over to share.... i got my first GOOD batch of wine with Orange and Honey. All the previous batches, although ok, were not that exciting.. But this batch... omg... it cleared all on it's own and is like tooooo good. (although my bro thinks its a bit sweeter than his taste) but then its just been a month since i racked it to let it clear. now that im bottling it and will let it age for about 6 months, it should be awesome when i finally pop the cork... :try

u guys are welcome to come over and try if ure ever in my side of the world in about 6 months. :)
Congratulations!!! Nothing like bottling that first batch of GOOD wine! :db
Brother Blade!! How you doing man?! I'd come visit you, but, I've seen videoes, and I am not sure if I could hang off the side of a train long enough to get to your town. :d

I wouldn't be afraid to ride on the top, as long as I could sit up enough to get a gulp of wine once in a while! LOL I've always wondered how they get them goats and chickens on top of a train. LOL

Hope life finds you well man.

LOL.... dont wry, the trains which run to my town are more organised... u dont have to wry about being able to hang on... they'll tie u to the sides securely. :D well, riding on top is definitely better other than for the occasional electricity wire which might lop off ure head :D and for the goats, they have a very scientific system of chain systems... human chains that is, the guy on the platform hands it to a guy whos hands are sticking out of the windows who then lifts up and hands to the guy on the roof. :p no wonder, their arms are like those of steel :p

life finds me excellent :)
Blade remebr in the begining I told you once you were successful at making your own wine you would become the most popular guy in your town, sounds like its working!!LOL
hehe... u the man sid... u the man. :D oh, i forgot to post the recipe... hang on. i'll just up it now.

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