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Sep 14, 2016
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I have a CC Sterling Cab kit that I am getting close to degassing. Going to use the drill attachment to degas, then get it on my oak cubes to bulk age. This is my first kit, will adding kieselsol and chitosan make the wine taste different? If I intend to bulk age for 3-6 months will it clear and degas in that timeframe without those additions?
3 months: you will need clarifying agent (kieselsol and chitosan).

If you can bulk age 9-12 months, then you can skip them. <--- this is what I do.

I also skip the degassing. Time, and periodic rackings, does it for you.
Second what Richmke said, 6 months might not get it done. If yo can, just set your sights for that 9-12 month ranges, skipping all chems except sulfite. I am convinced that it improves the wine for me.
I will only add that if your wine is kept in a cool basement, it will not degas fully on it's own, even after 9 months. Ask @jgmann67 and @Boatboy24 about my Sangiovese batch of wine, or was it sparkling wine? I didn't use the clarifiers and it was crystal clear (had to hold a strong light to the opposite side of the bottle to tell).
By itself, no... I don't think the wine will degas all by itself in 3-6 months. Definitely use the clarifiers. Beat it to death during that time, maybe it'll be fully degassed; or vacuum the co2 out during that time, absolutely. I've used the clarifiers in all my kits and usually bottle @ 6 months after racking 4 or more times with my AIO. Happy how it works out.

Now, about that fizzy little number ceeaton bottled... [emoji41]
If you really want to degas your wine get an allinonewinepump and a head space eliminator. I've only been making wine for 4 years but I have never seen anything degas wine like the head space eliminator! After a few days with the head space eliminator I can't get a bubble out of my wine!

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