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Dec 26, 2008
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I'm new to wine making and forums. I just followed a recipe from the Alaskan Bootleggers Bible to make my second attempt at home wine making (I may talk about the first attempt one day when I can do it without laughing and crying). Anyhoo, I have a nice 3 gallon carboy with an airlock that I am doing my second fermentation in. Do I need to fill the airlock with water? I have no idea how to use the thing. Any help would be much appreciated :confused:
Water will be ok, a potassium metabisufite solution is better, and vodka is the best. Water is not great because contaminents could be in there especially after a nonth or 2 and barometric pressures can actually make your wine expand and contract which can cause the water to be sucked back in when fermentation is done and no C02 is being produced. I would surely put water in there then having nothing at all though as without that air can get in there along with a bug or 2.
Thanks for your help. I put water in there after talking to a few other people but I will replace it with vodka.
Despite what Wade said, I think most people use water.

I also use water, but with a bit of sulphite added.