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Just had bud burst here this week.:h. It was so warm this spring, I was scared to death that we would have another freeze, and the vines would already be going, but it was all for naught! I guess it could still happen, but nothing in the forecast. I've seen it happen before!
Blackberries are in full bloom and Sunday is our blackberry winter with a high of 58 in north Alabama but the low is forecast at 50. April 15th is our last freeze date. Weather is cyclical mixed with chaos. Hail got abt 10% of my crop last year. Cracked those little green berries as if they were glass. As a farmer, sometimes you just have to stand back and look at it and say, "there's always next year".

So agree with dwhill40. Im glad my farming is a hobby, and don't have to rely on it for income or food! Counting on Mother Nature to give me a good crop this year.
Prayers for all us farmers, for a living or for fun, our hearts are on the line:i:slp:slp:slp:slp:slp

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