Oak cubes

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I toss mine out.. they're not like a barrel, which can be refurbished for the next lot of wine.

I don't think they'd be good for more wine. Got any hard alcohol you want to play with? I know that producers of spirits like Scotch will age their new whiskey in used wine barrels. One of my favorite single malt scotches is aged in port barrels, for instance.
Maybe one more but they are good to wet and throw on the gril and smoke some meat afterwards.
I believe the cubes are generally intended for use in the carboy rather than the bucket and can probably be used for 2-3 months, either in one wine or successive ones. I did have a Pinot Noir that came with just cubes and used them in the bucket for that ( it normally is not oaked much) and then put them in a Valpolicella for a couple of months ( carboy). There may or may not be any more benefit beyond this time.
I agree with dugger on that. I only use chips and dust in the bucket and use spirals and cubes in in carboy or staves but havent tried those yet.

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