Over-oaked Chardonnay?

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Mar 24, 2016
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Recently had the Chardonay in the photo, basically “Oak Flavored Wine”. Although not a daily drinker having something like this in the cellar would be a good pairing with some foods. Q: Does anyone have a formula for over-oaked Chardonay? Looking at a gallon kit wine. Assuming aging with oak: spirals? Cubes? Amounts and time?20230927_190310.jpg20230927_190310.jpg
It doesn't matter what type of oak adjunct you use, although cubes are the most configurable. 2.5 oz in 5 US gallons for 3 months will probably over-oak a Chardonnay, so try 1/2 oz in 1 gallon.

If it comes out too much oak (which it very well may), the only solution I know of is to dilute it with more of the same (unoaked) wine.
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