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Feb 2, 2009
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I have a couple of carboys of Elderberry that have now cleared nicely. When I racked them for the third time a month ago there was only a fine film of sediment. I am going to stabilize them this weekend and then age them for a few months before bottling them. I intend to do just a little back sweetening. My question here is weather it is better to sweeten it in a couple of weeks or wait until I am about ready to bottle? Any benefits one way or the other?
Thanks Brad
I like to sweeten now as sometimes sweetening it can cloud it up even when using just simple syrup. The one thing I dont like about sweetening now is the fact that the wine can be perceived as drier now because the alc. is hiding the fruit flavor but that changes a little in time when the alc settles down and the wine smooths out. Just go light on the sweetening.