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Jul 8, 2009
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Hi all,

I have just started making my own wine for ther first time, i have used supermarket juices with no added preservetives nor chemicals. After following a recipe word for word i have come across a little problem;

The ingredients ive used are as follows:

teaspoon of citric acid
500 grams of winemaking sugar
teaspoon of yeast nutrient
a standard satchet of winemaking yeast (designed for a gallon)

So my problem is that after checking the alcohol level and all other neccesary processes, everything seems ok. But after 48 hrs there isnt a gathering at the top of the demi-john as the recipe had me to believe, is there anything i might be doing wrong that would cause this?
Fermentation can take up to 72 hours to show evidence that it's there. Did you make up a starter (water, sugar, yeast), or just pitch the dry yeast into the must (grape juice)?

Sorry but lots of questions.

which yeast? (BTW, wasn't aware of packages for 1 gallon. Most are good for 5-6 gallons)
what temperature?
what was the starting specific gravity?
which supermarket juices ?

and, do you have a hydrometer?

its the only real way to know if its fermenting or not.
We used all purpose white wine yeast. the room is running at roughly 25 degrees celsius average.
the starting specific gravity was 1080
The juices were pressed white grape juice, apple juice from concentrate, making sure both had no preservatives etc

For Vuarra:

we pitched the yeast into the must directly, not bothering with a starter.

Thanks guys for the Help and give me a shout if you have any more advice


p.s it is bubbling so there must be a reaction, a bit like a carbonated drink. either way i'll let you know how it goes.

p.s.s the gravity has dropped to 1070.

again thanks

do you live in the UK???

I don't believe that "all purpose white wine yeast" exists in North America.

Please update the Location field in the Control Panel. This will help us to provide better answers to some queswtions.

yeah i live in the uk, the yeast is 'ÝOUNGS' you brew all purpose white wine yeast.
Different wines as well as different yeast act different. Some will bubble like crazy and soe will just lightly sizzle for quite awhile. As long as its fermenting you are fine. Any idea what alc tolerance this yeast has? Any links to info on this yeast?

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