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Jan 24, 2009
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Just discovered this site and I'm enjoying reading the posts. I've been thinking about making my own wine for some time and my daughter bought me a wine making book for Christmas.
Any recommendations for where to buy equipment and kits to get started?
Where are you in Ct. as thats where Im from and can give you a few recommendations?
Hi Wade, I'm just south of you in Guilford. I've already seen your website and am impressed with your setup.
Welcome to the family.

lol wade's set up is a source of great envy lol. So is his pump setup rofl.
Did you look at my links as Maltose Express and The Beer and Wine Cellar are a few in Ct.
There is also International Foods in Waterbury on South Main Street and she is the cheapest by far. These are all in Ct. PM me if you ever want to meet up and try some wines, I have over 800 bottles of many, many different kinds ranging from reds, whites, Ice, Port, sherry, and fruit wines. I also make beer too! If you would like to shop online go to
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Thanks, Wade.
I know about the CT stores, but haven't been to any yet. But thanks for the tip about Waterbury. I've been reading the winepress forum since 06, but have been laying low for awhile. I work in NY, so I haven't had much free time.
When it's not so damn cold out I'll accept that invite. Or let me know when you're starting up your next batch...I'll give you a hand.
Con-Q, I'll wait to finish my first wine before I resort to pump envy!
Conq, when Im done with my Black Currant Ill pm you for your address, Im sweetening up as we speak and then I want to give it some time to clear on its own. The Black Currant is my favorite and everyone who tries it LOVES IT!
most defiantly, In turn I'll send you some of one of our wine. it would be nice to have an experienced wine maker tell me what He thinks. constructive analysis is a great way towards improvement. I can't wait:D

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