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Oct 1, 2016
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Ive just joined ur page today, i literally know nothing about wine making so im lost!
I bought a 'wine making' kit, the box said it was a white zinfidel rose wine, however, all the way through making it (i started it about 4 weeks ago) it is more like the colour of merlot! Also it smells a bit like rotten eggs!
My question is, is there anyway to lighten the colour to resemble rose wine?
Does the colour affect the taste
What would cause the smell and how can I get rid of it?
Thanks so much.
Rotten egg smell is created by the yeast producing hydrogen sulfide as a possible result of not enough nitrogen in the must. Since you started fermentation 4 weeks ago the primary ferment is probably over and it needs to be racked if you haven't done that yet. Your specific gravity will tell you more about that. If you had caught the rotten egg smell sooner an application of diammonium phosphate (DAP) would of helped but now it is too late for that. Vigorous aeration during racking will help clear the smell out. If that doesn't help the H2S has already changed into mercaptan and you have a more serious issue. You'll then need to "fine" with copper. I haven't done this before so I can't provide much input to this technique.
You can blend the wine to alter the color. I am not aware of color affecting taste but color can tell you if it is oxidized in a white- it will be golden in color, not good.
@kikibabes Welcome to the hobby and the forum!

Try racking 3 times while splashing the wine around. This is called splash-racking. It may help the smell. If not, you can purchase Reduless ( that will help.

About the color, it doesn't change the flavor.

I'm making white zinfandel, also, and it turned out more red than I expected. I'm going to leave it alone. You could mix it with a lighter colored wine, but you will be changing the flavor.

Be sure to add to this thread if you still have problems.

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