New winemaker seeking advice about making wine with Noirette, Marquette & Cayuga White Juice.

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Dec 29, 2022
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Do you mean actual corn or corn syrup?
Haven't used corn syrup. As with everything else, got to watch those ingredients and preservatives. Of course, white and brown sugar are much cheaper.
With actual corn there may be an issue with starch. Adding a bit of amylaze enzyme should take care of that.
I currently have a corn cob wine in secondary that surprised me with it's flavor. Yes, corn cobs and, no, no corn flavor.

I have a weakness for cats. Currently have 3 black ones, only one has a white spot on the throat. It's a challenge to find them sometimes that's for sure.
I did mean actual corn and thank you for the tip about amylaze. We have 4 cats. They are definitely family.

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