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Jan 15, 2010
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A long time family friend introduced me to the art of wine making several months ago and I have found myself completely in love with it.

I currently have 3 gallons of Rasberry Chocolate Port, 3 gallons of a Pinot/Chardonney, and 2 gallons of a grape wine I de-stemmed, and crushed myself.

I hope I can contribute to this forum and not just ask dumb questions!
Welcome, you will find a fine bunch of winemakers here
Hey.. Im from the other spectrum of wine making im affraid.. im a complete noob.. so i appologise in advance if you stubble accross my dumb questions :)

I also joined today
Hello from N.C.

I am a newbie also. I've only made wine in the primitive way so far. I'm currently using frosting tubs. So far I have very sweet and very strong wine in several flavors. It tastes more like brandy. I also have some delicious accidental vinegar for my efforts. I'm looking forward to learning what I can and sharing with others who have succumbed to this wine making bug as well.
Welcome everyone! You have just entered into the best hobby and the best forum there is. There are lots of people here that can answer your questions about making wine, growing grapes, or using the outhouse in -30 degree weather..LOL. Please do not hesitate to ask your questions or let us know what wine your making. Also take advantage of our search button to look for any particular subject.
Welcome Fellow Texan

Welcome fellow Texan. Glad to see you on here. What part of Tx are you in? Good luck in your winemaking adventures, John.
Welcome all you .The only dumb question is the one you didn't ask is what I was told by our store when i bought the first kit . I believe it hold true with everything and everywhere .
Tex, there are no dumb or redundant questions here! Every single person in here has asked the "dumb" question at sometime or another. Noone in here made any of their knowledge up. We all learn by asking or experimenting and sharing that knowledge with the rest.

Ask away. We're standing by to help.


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