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Feb 16, 2017
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Well, I was into drone quadcopters until I had problems with them flying away. Told my wife I needed a hobby that did not leave the ground. She recommended wine making. (I had already thrown that possibility around for a year or so.) So I have no equipment, but have been reading a lot. Hope to pick up good and/or interesting information here. My wife likes dessert wines that are not real strong on alcohol so I will be looking for recipes to please her as well as myself. The first rule of finding a great hobby is keeping the wife happy. I am 66 and retired so I am thinking this will keep me out of her way for awhile. :)
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Welcome to the forum. Get a bit of equipment and start in. To begin you do not need a lot. A food grade bucket for the primary ferment, some gal. jugs for sitting and finishing out. Some kind of airlock for the gal. jugs, you can buy them at a local home brew shop or on line, or make your own. You will need some yeast nutrient, maybe some energizer, some tannin, sugar and yeast. (best to use winemaking yeast from the brew store, about a buck a pack.) Find the skeeter pee or dragons blood recipe on here and get it started. If they come out to your liking, you might get hooked on it. Another way to start is to purchase a kit from the home brew store. Good luck with it, if you come up with any questions, ask away on here, usually someone will come up with an answer for you. Arne.
Welcome to the forum!

But please don't think that wine can't get you "high".
JM....start watching craigslist...people jump in and out of this hobby all the can find great deals on equipment and the "hunt" is part of the fun for me! One of our sponsors, has great deals on wine ingredient kits and equipment kits too. You and your wife sit down and check out the different kits, find one she likes or you both like! My wife will now call me from San Antonio and ask if I need her to pick up anything at the home brew store....she likes my hobby!

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