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I am interested in producing my own wine. I am going to start small making a few gallons of different types of wine, then moving to a larger scale production. I am hopeful that I will be able to open my own winery in 5-7 years as I have 5-14 acres of ideal land for a vineyard.

Anyway, I'm a beginner. I like a sweeter wine that isn't very dry. I thought that I'd start with a nice strawberry wine since I have a large patch growing already. Can anyone point me to a good recipe?

Also, I would like to get 15-20 gallons (total) of wine going, of various types. I need to get supplies and would like to buy them as cheap as possible. Are there good sites on the internet that you can point me to?

Can someone suggest a good wine making book?

Finally, what other wines are a good starter wines that I can begin with.

I really appreciate any help you can provide! Thank you.

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