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Feb 23, 2019
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Hello! I am new here and new to wine making. My wife bought me a bee making kit for Christmas and I have been busy ever since. I started with a batch of beer and then decided it’d give hard cider a go. Both came out great to my green pallet so I figured I’d give wines a try. I have a batch of raspberry and cherry wine going. Both made with frozen fruit. They seem to be coming along well. My wife likes sweet wines so I bought an “ice wine” kit and started that. I’m looking forward to trying some dry reds. Any suggestions on kits, juices and the like. I live in the finger lakes region and will try to get some fresh pressed juices this fall.
So far I’m having a fun time with the new hobby!
Welcome @beano !! I am fairly new here myself but it seems like there is some accurate info to be found here.... I am glad you got bit by the home fermenting bug as it's loads of fun, you save tons of money on your favorite liabation, and with a little studying and practice you can produce beer and wine that will rival some of the best that the world has to offer...
Welcome Luke. Where in the FL?

Take a look around, scroll down to the How To list of links. Amazing free info.

Can also spend some time on the Musto webs site as well.