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Jan 6, 2009
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I started another post but apparently it was blocked. The fiance and I just started our first batch of wine about 10 days ago now. It is a wine expert merlot. So far the primary fermentation is complete and it seems to be going great. Thought I would stop by and introduce myself. I am sure I will have questions in the future. I have a couple pics up and have been documenting the process on my blog. We are going to be starting a Gewurztraminer tonight and we will be documenting much better. Thanks for looking!
Welcome to this forum and our wonderful hobby. Sounds like you might already have learned that it is addictive.

Two points that will sometimes help you to get better answers.

1. When mentioning a kit, please be very specific. "Winexpert Merlot" won't help with some questions because they make about a dozen different merlots.

2. Please complete the Location field in the Control Panel. It stops me from giving a Canadian answer to an American.

It is the Vinters Reserve kit. We just started the Gewurztraminer today :) I am excited already.
malichite: I started the Selection Int. Merlot six days ago. Starting Vintners Reserve Viongier tomorrow. Everything good so far. The smell is delicious :D
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