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David Short

Feb 21, 2009
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my recipe calls for sodium bisolfite is potassium metabisolfite the same thingor do I use the campden tablets? Like I said I am new and don't know the difference.
Potassium will work fine and is what I actually prefer to use as who needs any more sodium intake in our life. They are virtually te same strength whil Na-meta is just a little stronger and cheaper so I use Na-meta for sanitizing and K-meta in my wine additions. Campden tablets can be 1 or the other.
well, i couldnt get a hold of campden tablets so i managed to arrange for potassium meta bisulphite. and although my recipe doesnt need it, i was told by wade and a couple other people, it is pretty much the same sa using campden tablets. :)
thanks I am new and my recipe called for bisolfite and my stuff said metabisolfite just didn't know if this was the same stuff with the meta in front of it. I didn't want to kill anyone with the first bottle.
Potassium metabisulfite, k-meta, and campden are all the same thing. K is the chemical name for Potassium as NA is the chemical name for Sodium. There are NA campden tablets also but either 1 is fine for both adding to wine as a presrvative or as a sanitizer and for killing wild yeast and bacteria in the primary bucket. I choose not to add it to my wine as i get enough sodium intake in my life through foods and other intakes.