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Mar 8, 2008
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Just as the title says, I recieved my regina 5 gal buckets on monday, its now wednesday evening. I have no fermentation going on in 3 of the 6 buckets, and ironically the 3 that arent ripping are the pinot noir's. Give it a day to see if it goes or what, boost it up with yeast??? Oh if it helps its in my house at a constant 71 degrees. These 3 just still smell like buckets of grape juice.
Got a specific gravity reading? The ferment may be complete.

Did you add yeast to these? If so, which yeast? Although, in my experience with Regina juice (one pail), you do not need to add yeast.

How are you determining this? Did you test the sg? Did you sulfite them firts before adding the yeast? Are these 3 using all the same yeast and are these yeasts different from the others used cause Ive seen a few times where therewas a bad batch of yeast. We need a little more info. Was this yeast Red Star Cotes Des Blac cause that yeast can sometimes take 3-4 days to get going. Stick your head in the bucket to see if you can hear a slight sizzling noise like a soda pop.
I didnt add yeast, I have done it this way for 8 years now and its never taken this long to take off. When I got the buckets, the reliefs were not blown on the top. Which leads me to believe there was no fermentation. Ive recieved them before, where before I could drive them home, they were ripping so hard they blew the relief and made a mess out of the back of my truck. Plus they still smell like grape juice.
Im no expert at all Ive just made it this basic way for years and its come out great! (to my standard)
My nearest wine supply shop is about 50 mins away, but if i have to make the drive tomorrow to grab some yeast I will. What do you think?
I would, do you have a hydrometer, if not Id get one of those to so you have a clue what your wine is doing and whe to rack properly and stuff. They are very cheap!
Ill make the trip up tommorow, its not gonna be too late to yeast it is it? Its still salvageable?

I know I sound like a total newb, but this is the way my grandfather taught me right before he passed. This is the way he had been doing it in his last few years because he got to beat up to do it the old school way- so I never really learned properly but carried on the tradition for my family.

Thank you guys!
It will be fine. Give the wine a good stir to get some 02 saturated into the wine right before adding the yeast.
We love to help here! Id really like you to hang around and come around to the new world of wine making though. You can make a good wine the old way but you can also take that up 3 levels by taking it further with tannin additions and malolactic fermentation if you dont do any of that. Do you oak your wines at all?
yes, but not really, Ive been adding oak cubes to the wine for about the last month that they sit in the carboy. Gives a different flavor to the same old im used to.
But again ive been guessing. I can tell when ive overdone it, but I have never taken notes on it or logged whats worked and whats been not so hot.
Theoretically you are looking to over oak your wine as it will mellow in time and be right where you want it.
Could he take some juice from the fermenting bucket and add to the ones not yet going? This would bring in active yeast would'nt it?

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