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Nov 23, 2009
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Ok cut me some slack here it is my first attempt .I used photobucket editing to make it .This is a pic of 2 my sisters & me the night the Olympic torch came to town and we went up to the park to watch it.We came back to my place and had hot chocolate that we spiked with some of the liqueurs I made . I knew when i made the wine i wanted to name it for something to do with the Olympics because thats when i started it plus it's a pretty red color like our country's color .
Thanks I'm using the Avery removable white full sheet labels . I am the one with the beige & white jacket on the right hand side .
After you empty one of the bottles you may want to clean out the bottle and recork it just for sentimental sake.
Great photo opp and great label. Be warned though, the two other sisters will try to stake claim to two thirds of the wine. :p

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