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Feb 7, 2009
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first time making labels. fairly simple just want to know what you think :confused: any ideas?


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Those look great Hal! Geez, if you ever give up on the wine making, you could always go in the wine lable making business.
i don't think i could be a label designer i cant even spell Riesling right haha.. oh well, luckily i didn't print out all the labels yet. good eye though.. :D fixed it
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Really look nice, Hal! My wife & I are tossing around ideas for our very first label.
Jim & Jan
Wow nice labels. im in the process of creating some for my first bach and you would think being an artist Id find it easy.....but thats not the case!

re you using a specific wine label program to make your labels or something like photoshop?
Those are very nicely done halifaxwino. There seem to be some "artifacts" around your lettering; you may want to try saving it differently, but very nice design!

first time making labels. fairly simple just want to know what you think :confused: any ideas?

thanks for all the replies!! i have two new ones i just did up for my batch that's being bottled this weekend. i went a bit past elegant this time. more quirky ha ha. thanks again, the red always seems hazy because i screen screen shot them. i cant convert the format they are made in.(Avery) :rolleyes:


Cool lables. I really like your fish, classy! Wade those aren't pot leaves they are an exoctic tea plant from the Far East!:):D

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