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Feb 28, 2009
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Right not sure if Ive attached the image but we shall see!

My first wine is a kit one and this is the label using one of my fruit paintings. One of my good friends is a graphics tutor and he gave me a B+ for it and told me in no uncertain terms what is wrong in a nice way of coures, didnt want to make me cry besides I represent him in the art gallery so he has to be nice!!!:cool:...but I dont care, I like it, Ive never done web design and I think I did ok to do it from scratch!
Im going to use my boozehags for other ones when I get around to bottling future ones and so on and so on!

By the way the wine actually tastes nice!!!! :eek:

Web zind.jpg
Thats fantastic Collette! I like it much.
"The wine is as only as good as the label"
I suppose if it tastes horrible we can always say "Well it looked pretty!!!"lol :D

I know the fruit in the painting isnt exactly whats in the wine but I wanted to use one of my paintings and the boozehags just didnt seem right with such a low alcohol percentage!!!!!;)
It shows when you are an artist !!!
Great label.

Oooh thanks Wade and Luc, really appreciate the feedback especially after my friend panned it!
My aim is to make fun lables so watch out for the next few, they will be 'interesting' hope!!!!

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